Silsilla E Warsi (Faiz E Illahi Ka Markaz)

Before portraying the life of AI‐Hajj Hafiz Sarkar Waris Ali Shah, it is essential to throw light on the contemplative and mystical element in Islam, the votaries of which go by the name of Sufis or mystics. Since our Saint was a complete mystic of highest and eminent exaltation, it is essential to detail in brief the aim and object of Sufism to understand his dedicated life for common weal and welfare, both in this world and the hereafter. Sufism is a mode of religious way of life and an aspiring effort to uplift one’s soul to reach the proximity of Divine Abode by discarding worldly pleasured and ties which benumb the urge of the soul to join its immortal source. It took its cue and significance from the words of The Holy Prophet Mohammed (peace be on Him) of Islam emphasized and spoke with fervent rapture constitute he fundamental basis of Islamic Sufism. The pious and God‐fearing persons during the heyday of Islam were led to believe that there is a deeper and more inward sense in the words of the Quran. Sillsila-E-Warsi is one of the leading Silsila in Karachi right now with hundreds of daily visits.

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Syed Ahmed Saeed Rizvi Warsi

Silsila In Karachi ( Faiz E Illahi )

You are the pride of Wali Allah’s today and you are a descendant of the noble family (Ahl e Bait).  You are now situated at the status of a caliph of the Warsi lineage. You share a family relationship with the Warsi lineage now and your 5 generations hold immense affiliation to His Holiness Waris Ali Shah(rehmat ullah aleh). Your grandfather, Syed Saeed Ahmad Rizvi Warsi (R.A) and his elder brother Syed Naseer Ahmad Rizvi Warsi (R.A) , both were the custodians of the key to His Holiness Waris Ali Shah’s shrine and apart from that they were the initial members to look upon the management affairs of the shrine.

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Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said: "It is better for any of you to carry a load of firewood on his own back than to beg from someone else"

Riyadh-Us-Saleheen,, Chapter 59, hadith 540

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