“ Love Is Such An All-Consuming Fire, Except The Beloved It Destroys Everything.”

Bani e Silsila Hazrat Haji Syed Waris Ali Shah RA was born on 1st Ramadan (Islamic month) Friday, 1228. Hijrah, He was born to a family of learned and distinguished Syeds of NISHAPUR (IRAN) an off shoot of twenty six generation of Imam‐ibn‐e‐ Imam Moosa Kazim. Hence authoritative and persons of eminence of Deva Sharif avow that his ancestors belonged to the noble and distinguished family of Syeds of Nishapur.

Kazimine and Samarah and camped near the shrine of Hazrat  Ghous e Pak for some days.

During the day he visited the tombs of past Sufis and was praying at night in the mosque near the tomb of Hazrat Ghous ul Saqlain.