Latest Rohani Bayaan

Listen to the latest Rohani Bayaan by Syed Ahmed Saeed Rizvi Warsi.

Rohani Bayaan

You kept on attaining the levels of intuitive knowledge of spiritual truth and as a result you earned the distinguished rank of “Fanna Fi Allah”.

Since past many years you have benefitted milions of people all around the world with your spiritual knowledge and capabilities. You have been a source of enlightenment for many people. With your soft heartedness and kind attitude towards mankind, numerous people hold strong affiliations with you now and they urge and desire to join the Warsi lineage. Due to your struggle and hardwork, this pleasant smell of Warsi lineage has now dispersed all over Pakistan and hopefully it will escalate all over the sub continent too.

Last year you offered your first pilgrimage and since past many years you have performed around 20 Umrah’s.  You yourself benefitted from various Wali Allah’s over past many years and have been attaining guidance from them.